Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Years in the Trailer

As I mentioned in another post, my and Nate's first home was a mobile home. We bought the trailer in 1999 and lived there until 2002. Our trailer wasn't very big but it was big enough for the two of us. We had a friend of mine live with us for a while when she had no place to stay. My sister Kate, her fiance at the time, and her kids lived with us for a little while at one time too. When they were with us it was a little crowded but it wasn't too bad. I also met some people in the trailer park who I became friends with and there were also a few relatives who lived in the trailer park too. I lived only about 5 minutes from TC3 which is where I was going to college. It was an easy travel for me!! That trailer is where I started getting worse with my Cystic Fibrosis (it had nothing to do with the trailer though). That is where I started having IV's at home more often, more hospital visits, had my first episode of coughing up blood, and where I started sleeping with oxygen. That is also where we lived when I had my first medport implanted so I didn't have to have PICC lines or peripheral IV's anymore. That was really nice!

One of my closest friends in that trailer park was Tammy. After about a year of living there, she realized that she knew me when I was a lot younger. Her friend is the girl who lived in the house behind the apartment that we lived in when I was little. Her friend is the one who gave me those presents after I got out of the hospital and it was my birthday. Well, Tammy had also been around a lot when I lived there. She knew me when I was little. It really is a small world!

This is also the home where we got our doggy, Sasha. She is a Rotty and she was an absolute joy for us. We taught her so many things and she was like our baby. Sadly, we had to get rid of her in 2006 because I couldn't stand all of the pet dander and the smell that she gave off. It made it harder for me to breathe and it was already hard enough on me. We have not had another pet since and don't know when and if we'll get another one.

Nate moved out of the trailer in February of 2002 and I stayed there to finish school. He went to his hometown to stay with his parents because his job took him there and he thought that would be a better life for us. As soon as I finished school, I finished planning the wedding, the wedding took place in July, and then we started trying to sell the trailer so we could buy another home in the area that his parents live. We were married on July 27, 2002 (which I'll post about later), we sold the trailer in August, and we started looking for a house in what would be our new hometown (our at least my new one and Nate's old one). This would be the beginning of our new life together.

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