Monday, February 25, 2008

The Honey Moon

After the wedding, Nate and I left for Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We got on the road at about 6PM and had to stop somewhere along the way to stay the night. Most of the places that we were stopping at we fully booked. We finally found a place that had vacancy. It was not the greatest place in the world but it was somewhere to close our eyes and get some rest. We started back out in the morning and arrived in Cape Cod later that afternoon. We stayed at a bed and breakfast (which we had reserved ahead of time) instead of a hotel because we knew that it would be a lot cleaner. We basically had a whole apartment to ourselves. There was a kitchen, a bathroom, a huge closet, and a bedroom/living room. We also had a second story deck all to ourselves. It was really nice. The lady who owns the place made breakfast (fresh friut, muffins, yogurt, juice) the night before and would bring it up while we were out to dinner or something. It was all very good. They also had movies that we could borrow from them if we wanted to watch movies (which we didn't).

We were about 10 minutes away from many different beaches. That was the first time that I had ever been to the ocean!! The first beach that we went to was nice. It was a cloudy day and a little windy so we didn't stay long but we did walk on the beach, I at least put my feet in the ocean, and we got something to eat. When we sat down to eat, Nate had to get up and get ketchup for his fries and when he did, a bunch of seagles dive bombed his fries right in front of me!! It was hilarious. Most of his fries were gone! Throughout the week, we visited many different places. There were a lot of different beach houses along the roads with tons of stuff for sale. We stopped at a few of them. We went to Provincetown a few times. One of the times, we went on a whale watch (which I had also never done before) and we did see a few whales. Not many of them came very far out of the water though. It was still a great experience! On another day there, we went downtown and did a lot of sight seeing and visiting the little shops and restaurants. We also went to the Pilgrim Tower and museum where we had to walk hundreds of steps to get to the top. That was really a work out for me and my lungs! The view from the top was awesome though!! We also went on a little venture to find a light house and to take a tour of it. Nate is a big fan of light houses. We found one and that is the first time that either of us had been to a light house. We even got to go to the top where the light is. That was very cool. The view from up there was really a sight to see. You could see the ocean for miles and miles!! I reall hope to get to do this again some day.

In the time that we were there, we visited a lot of different restaurants and I don't think we really found any in particular that really impressed us. Nate was not impressed with the way that any of them cook steaks. He said that they were tough and had very little or no flavor. The little shops all around were very amazing. I don't think I have ever seen so many things for sale!! We went to a mall somewhere near there. It was pretty big and we found a few things for family and whoever, to bring home as gifts for them.

The one place that we wanted to go and never did was Martha's Vineyard. We did not find a schedule for the ferry to go there until like almost the last day that we were there. If we ever go again, I think I will book it online so that we can go. All in all, it was a great week! I definitely would go back and it would be a great place to take Brady some day.

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