Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Big Move

After the wedding and all the excitement of the honey moon, it was time to sell our trailer so that we could buy a house in the Utica area. Nate was already staying up there with his parents and I wanted to get up there so bad to be with him. We were a married couple living 90 minutes apart. It wasn't fun. I was staying at the trailer packing and keeping an eye out for anyone who might want to buy it. We finally got someone interested in buying it but they didn't have enough money to put down a down payment and without a down payment, they couldn't buy it. We wanted to get rid of it so bad that we helped them with the down payment and the trailer was theirs! I was finally able to be with Nate again.

Initially, we lived with Nate's parents. I moved to the Utica area in September 2002 and all of our household belongings went into a storage shed because it would not all fit in Dale and Gina's house. We began looking for a house in November (or so) and had a couple in mind. The one that we really wanted to look at was sale pending so we couldn't look at it. We saw a few others from the outside and called on a few but the prices were outrageous. Then we found a little ranch style house that we decided to call on and look at even though the outside of that was not very appealing. We set up a meeting to look at the inside. We finally went to look at it and this is what we saw.....

When you walk in the front door, you walk into the dining room with a bar area that is attached to the kitchen. Straight ahead is the kitchen. The floor, fridge, stove, light fixtures, and counters all needed replacing. If you walk to the left when you come in the front door, there is a huge living room with a beautiful fire place. The carpet in the living room is really worn out and is really ugly. There are two huge windows in the living room that face out to the street and they are just one huge pane of glass, they do not open at all. There is a door over to the right when you walk in to the living room and that leads to the bathroom, kitchen, and basement door. The bathroom is very small. You have to squeeze past the linen closet and sink to get to the bathtub and toilet. You can literally shave, shower, and sh*t at the same time. I loved the linen closet though because it is huge and the tub is huge. The shower head is also pretty high up which is good because I'm 5'9". If you're back in the living room, and look opposite of the dining room, there is a small bedroom off to the right and then another one that is bigger just one door down. There is another bedroom across from that one. The basement is really big with the ceiling being a lot higher than most homes. The laundry is down there and there is a bar room. It is not a finished basement though and is pretty damp. The outside of the house has a tree blocking the dining room window and then bushes all along the front of the house. The house is painted pink with maroon trim (not the greatest selling point). There is a one car garage that is attached to the house. The front and back yards are HUGE compared to what some people have on our street.

The house was built by the original owner in 1949 and believe me, it looks like it hadn't been remodeled since then either. The owner passed some time ago and left it to his niece. It really looks like she destroyed the house. She wanted to sell it for $80,000. We are not very keen on this price with how much work the house needs and the real estate agent tells us that she probably will go lower. We go a lot lower and offer $65,000 and she accepts! The house is ours with all the work that needs to be done to it! We had the closing and we moved into the house on Valentine's Day 2003. We got all of your things out of storage and started making this house our new home.

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