Wednesday, February 20, 2008

July 27, 2002

July 27, 2002, that is the day that I got married. The morning started out like any other morning but I knew that it was going to be a day like no other. The plans had all been made, the day had come, and I was going to walk down that aisle at about 11:30AM. I took a shower and got dressed in the morning. I had to meet up with the girls to go get our hair done. We went a little bit down the road from my house and we got our hair done, two girls at a time. I was one of the last ones so that we could make sure that my hair was going to stay up. My hair was pulled back and then was curled and bobby pins were placed to keep the curls in place. My veil was put on my head just to make sure that it looked okay with this hair-do would work with the veil that I chose. It was perfect!!! When we were all done, we went to the church to put on our dresses and get ready. My bridesmaids had to put on their makeup but I don't wear it because I never have. The glow that I had on that day was all natural!

As I was getting into my gown, my Mom looked at me and told me that she wasn't ready for this. I told her that it was too bad because I was walking down that aisle in about 30 minutes. I got my dress on and then someone put my veil on for me and made sure it was in place and I was about ready. I had people stopping into the dressing room to see how things were going and some of them started crying and made me cry. That was okay though because I didn't have any makeup to ruin. The time was approaching and we were ready to get lined up to start the wedding procession. It was almost time for me to become a wife.

First, our parents (and my brother) went down the aisle. My Mom and Gina lit the unity candles and then went back to the guys and took their seats. My brother went back to the back of the church because he was walking me down the aisle. The music of "So Much in Love" by All-4-One started playing and Barb and Larry were the first ones down the aisle. Then it was Beth and Greg, followed by Kate and Joe, followed by Bekah and Shane. Then the little ones, Cole and Christine went down the aisle. We let the music get to a certain part and then my brother and I met at the pews. Once the line "as we walk down the aisle" came on, my brother and I started down the aisle. Everyone stood up and watched me take that walk that every girl hopes and waits for.

Once I got up to the altar, Nate took my hand and the music stopped. Pastor Dave did the intorduction to the ceremony. He asked if anyone objected to the marriage and obviously no one did. That's when the readings for the ceremony started. He read a few scriptures from the bible and then we said our vows. After the vows, he asked for the rings from Shane. We heard some wrinkling noises and wondered what he had. Instead of handing Pastor Dave our wedding rings, he handed him some rings pops. The pastor held them up for everyone to see and everyone in the church busted out laughing. It was so funny! He gave the ring pops back to Shane and Shane gave him the real rings. We exchanged the rings, a few other things were said, we lit the unity candle, and then we were pronounced husband and wife at 12PM sharp. I remember this because the noon fire wistle went off. We were right down the road from the fire hall. We had our wedding kiss, the music "Prayer" by Charlotte Church started playing, and we walked down the aisle and out of the church. The ceremony was over and we were now husband and wife.

We greeted people outside the church. I had to leave for a minute and change my head piece because when people were hugging me, they kept pulling on my veil. I took the veil off and put on a tiara. I went back outside and finished greeting people. Uncle Duane then did pictures of the wedding party outside because it was a nice day and there was a water fountain that I wanted our pictures done in front of. The pictures turned out beautiful. People started leaving and going to the VFW for the reception and we went to our car which someone decorated while we were getting married. We went around a huge block just so we could and then we went to the VFW where everyone was waiting. The wedding party lined up outside the doors that we were goin to walk through and the DJ announced us as we came in. When Cole and Christine walked in, Cole went straight for the food. That was a moment to remember. Nate and I were announced as husband and wife for the first time in public and it was a great feeling for me.

Now was the time to do our dances. Our song that we danced to was "Forever" originally by the Beach Boys but this version was sung by John Stamos (Uncle Jesse on Full House). I absolutely loved that song and thought it was perfect for us to dance to. It took us forever to find but the DJ founf it for us! After our dance, I danced with my brother to "Through The Years" by Kenny Rogers and Nate danced with his Mom to "Song for Mama" by Boys II Men. There were a few other dances and then we ate. The food was excellent because it was all home made (for the most part anyway). We had cold meat sandwiches (bought from a store), pasta (made by my Aunt Sally), and then some salads and other things made by friends and family. A lot of people said that it was the best food that they ever had at a wedding. We had no alcohol allowed at the reception because we didn't want people getting drunk and I couldn't stand the smell of alcohol anyway. There was also no smoking allowed inside because of my lung condition. It all went really well. After we all ate we did some dancing. We did the tossing of the bouquet and guarder, both of which were special bought so that we could keep our original ones. One of my cousins caught the bouquet and Nate's brother caught the guarder. We then cut the cake. There was a lot of it too. We gave each other a piece of cake and it was all "nice, nice." We didn't want the cake ending up all over ouselves and I didn't want the possibility of it staining my dress. It all went really well.

When the reception was over, the guys took off in their tuxes and went go cart racing. I didn't go but I saw pictures....they were crazy! We went back to the trailer and Larry and Mandy met us there. We opened gifts and then we left for our honey moon! We were on our way to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The day couldn't have been more perfect!

I just want to add on a little side note to let everyone know that it is absolutely possibe to have a wedding like this if you don't have a lot of money. We did it all for $3,000! There are a lot of things that were in the wedding that I left out too. It's just too much to fit in all of the details!

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