Monday, January 28, 2008

My early years.

Now most of this I was told because I cannot remember when I was a toddler. At about the age of 2 1/2 I had a bowel obstruction and was admitted to the hospital. The obstruction was not passing on it's own so I had to have surgery. When the doctors opened me up, everything settled. The doctors then decided to take out my appendix so that there was no possibility that anything would ever go wrong with that. My Mom has told me stories about that hospital visit. I had feeding tubes and whatever else. I was deathly scared of E.T. when I was little and there were people dressed as characters going around the hospital and one was dressed as E.T. When that person came into my room I was so scared that the feeding tube came flying out. E.T. left the room and a monkey came in and I said "Look Mommy, Monkey." Or something like that anyway. I was all happy. A nurse came into my room to replace the tube and my Mom told her that it wasn't necessary but she insisted. Soon after the nurse put it back in, the doctor said that it could come out because I was going home. Go figure!!!

My Mom was great! She was taking care of three toddlers with one being really sick....I can't imagine. She had to constantly change my diapers because I would poop about 10 times a day. Some idiot thought that I always had crappy diapers because my Mom never changed me and she turned my Mom in to CPS. Of course CPS found nothing wrong and my Mom went back to her everyday duties of being a loving Mom. I would love to have come face to face with this person as I got older and show her that my Mom did absolutely nothing wrong. Other than these instances, there wasn't a whole lot that happened in my toddler years. My serious problems would start much later.

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